Teen Relationships

Before I start to talk about teen relationships I feel I have to make a clarification. Many people when they think of the word relationship, automatically equate it to love or sexual relationship. According to the general definition of relationship this is any connection between two or more elements and these elements can be anything from chemical substances to human beings. So from this definition it is simple to deduct the meaning of this word applied to human beings. A teen relationship can be any kind of relationship

  1. between teens of the same gender
  2. between teens of the opposite gender, like boyfriend girlfriend relationships
  3. between teens and other persons of the same or different gender and different age.

The quality of these relationships can also vary, but there are two kinds of teenager relationships I’m going to talk about here;

  • teen friendships and
  • teen love relationships

Teen Friendships

This kind of teenager relationship will fit into all three categories above. It can exist between a teenager and other persons of same or different gender and age. A good friend – no matter age or gender – is one of the best things you can have on this earth. A really good friend that is special to you and means much to you. A person that is always there for you.

Many successful love relationships has started with friendship and this is probably the reason for it’s success. The better you know the other person, the better you’ll go along with him or her and in a long lasting love relationship – as man and woman – your appreciation of your partner as a friend will mean much more than anything else. If we look at it from the other end, it seems much more difficult to build a friendship from a love or sexual relationship. In fact, I have not heard about it, maybe you have but the point is that a good friendship is always good to have both as a basis of a future love relationship and as a friendship by itself.

A teenage friendship can exist between anyone no matter what gender, age, race, background or whatever. A 13 year old girl and a 50 year old man can have a great and even lifelong friendship together as well as two teenagers of the same gender.

Teen love relationships

While you can talk quite frankly and straight forward in a friendship most of us are more aware of not hurting the partner in a love relationship. This can evolve to a degree of lies and even no communication at all just to protect your partner.

There are also more mutual expectations in a love relationship and more intimate emotions are involved than in a good friendship. A teen love relationship can be great and long lasting but if there is no basis of friendship in it the probability of sustaining it is significantly lower. There are some legally defined limitations with regards to who can go into a teen love or sexual relationship. It is illegal for people of 18 years and above to have a sexual relation to a minor but It is definitely not illegal to have older friends.

A good friendship is one of the best gifts God has provided our lives with and even if you marry the sweetest boy or girl in the world, neither of you will be happy if you aren’t good friends.

Source by Terje Ellingsen

How to Drop Pounds Without Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Medifast, Shakes, Supplements Or Pills

I lost a lot of weight this time without the using the usual suspects of brand name diets, shakes, supplements, meal replacements or diet pills.

Sometimes we get so obsessed with getting thin that we will pursue it at any cost, even if it mean sacrificing our own health and sanity,

I have nothing against brand name diets, I have tried them in the past and I don’t know if I failed them or they failed me but I just couldn’t make them work for the long term.

I would always get off to a good start, lose some weight, hit a plateau, come off the diet try and eat in the real world and gain all the weight back plus more.

I learned that my brain has a set point which acts as a thermostat. It maintains my body weight no matter how unhealthy it may be for me. That unfortunately meant that all of my best attempts to lose weight were thwarted because even at 300 pounds my body wanted to keep me at that weight as it was convinced it was the best weight for me.

No matter what I did, I would gain all the weight back and more within a month or two of coming off the diet.

Part of the reason why was because these diets don’t prepare me for real world eating.

They just told me to eat this many points worth of food or just open this prepackaged meal and microwave it or mix up and drink this sachet.

What I had to get my head around was eating real world food was food that I would have to be eventually eating anyway when I came off the prepackaged portions.

That’s why when I started with my eating plan it was food that I determined for myself, it wasn’t prepackaged, I didn’t have to wait to receive it through the post in order to eat. It was real, whole food I got from the store and prepared myself. 24 weeks and 52 pounds later, I am still eating beautifully this way.

To lose weight, eat real food. Have 5 to 6 smaller meals per day.

I have cheat days where I can go nuts which makes me feel like I’m not dieting. This is the way I will continue to eat because it’s not a diet it’s lifestyle.

Here’s an idea of what I might eat in a day, there are no hard and fast rules and I control how much I feel like eating. The power is back in my own hands.

Meal 1 Fruity French Toast

Meal 2 Bran cereal

Meal 3 Steak With Sweet Potatoes

Meal 4 Pumpkin Seed & Almonds

Meal 5 Chicken With Baked Squash

Source by Sarah A. Wilson

LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Hulk vs. Ultron 76066

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Speed towards Ultron in Hulk’s super-cool green machine with big fists. Fix Ultron’s Mighty Micros vehicle with the wrench and make those tentacles move up and down. Then take a break with Hulk to eat a chicken drumstick! Who will triumph? You decide!.Accessory elements include Hulk’s chicken drumstick and Ultron’s wrench

Weight Watchers and Medifast – Can You Use Them Together? My Opinion

I recently received correspondence where the writer asked me if she could combine both the Medifast and the weight watchers diets. Specifically, she wanted to use the Medifast shakes, the oatmeal, some of the soups, and the pudding while also making use of weight watcher’s smart ones frozen food line. She wanted to know if I would advise this practice and if I thought it would work to help her lose some weight. I will tell you what I told her in the following article.

Combining The Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones Foods With The The Other Diet’s Food Options: I suppose it would not be fair for me to tell the writer that she could not try this practice. After all, it is physically possible to do so. But, my opinion is that she should not do this for the long term. Of course, I’m certainly not a doctor or an expert and I would most certainly want her to seek the opinion of one. But, from my research and own experience, the smart ones meals have way too many calories, carbohydrates and sugars for you to be able to successfully and quickly lose the weight that you would have lost on the other diet. Keep in mind that my experience has been on this particular diet, so my opinion might be a biased one based on my own positive results.

But, I believe that Medifast works because it limits calories, as well as sugars and carbs. In doing this, it allows for your body to get into ketosis where it is able to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. From my research and experience, I know that the average person consumes way too much sugar and carbs. And from looking at the nutritional information for the smart ones, it appears that these foods do very little to address this problem. I will look at some specific foods in both diets to demonstrate this point below.

Comparing The Nutrition, Sugars, And Carbs In Smart Ones With The Similar Content Of Medifast Foods: To examine the content of both foods, I’m going to look at concrete examples from both diets. First, I’ll look at some breakfast meals. The weight watcher’s English muffin sandwich has 210 calories, 3 grams of sugars, and 27 grams of carbs. The Medifast cinnamon apple oatmeal has 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 15 of carbs. As you can see, one diet has about 1/2 of the bad stuff as the other.

Medifast asks that you eat one healthful fresh meal that you prepare each day. This is known as the “lean and green” meal and most people take this at dinner. It is for this reason that I’ll be now comparing lunch foods. From the smart ones line up, I’ll look at the Santa Fe beans and rice. This one logs on 310 calories, 6 grams of sugars, and 51 carbs. Now, let’s check out the Medifast chili. You’re looking at under 1/2 the calories (with only 110.) You’re looking at much less sugar, at only one gram. And, the carbohydrate content is a low 15 grams.

The Bottom Line: Obviously this article is based partially on my own experiences and biases. But, I also believe that comparing the foods side by side makes a pretty persuasive argument that one of these diets gives you a greater chance of success than the other. It has less than half of the calories, carbs, and sugars of the other. In my experience, you need for all of these numbers to be favorable to lose the most weight in the quickest manner possible.

It doesn’t make sense to interrupt the success that you might have by eating foods outside of the plan a couple of times per day. In this way, you are potentially derailing your progress and undoing all of the strides that you’ve made that day. Medifast is designed to work as a system. There’s nothing to stop anyone from taking bits and pieces from two different diets, but why would you? In my opinion, the reason people go on a diet is to lose weight in the quickest manner possible. And in my opinion, combining these two diets does not have the potential to accomplish this as well as sticking with one diet as directed.

Source by Lindsey Price

Tattoo Influence and Teens

Kids these days are growing up faster than ever. Cell phones are amongst the most popular accessories of kids as young as ten. But currently, cell phones aren’t the accessory that’s stressing out more and more parents, while tattoos are. Tattoos are being found on more and more teens. Why the obsession with tattoos at such a young age? From Mattel’s, Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie, which may influence children as young as 5, to the newest temporary tattoos, to the most popular celebrity teens flaunting their new ink to our young generation, tattoos are seen everywhere and amongst all age groups of children. One state even started a new law as recent as July 1, 2010 because of the number of teens going to tattoo parlors to be inked.

In 2009, Mattel launched a new Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie. The doll came with temporary tattoos for both the doll and child. It also included a tattoo gun in which the tattoos were to be applied. Many parents were outraged, but others saw the new doll as a sign of the times. Mattel kept the Barbie on the shelf due to the number of sales. Mattel believes the Tattoo Barbie gives young girls a chance to express them selves. Many parents like the idea of their children expressing themselves, but believe it can be in a different form than tattoos, especially the heart tattoo bearing Ken’s name. Tattoos of significant others is the most regretted tattoo later in life. The argument continues on whether these dolls influence children on getting tattoos.

Another large influence on teens and tattoos is the amount of teen celebrities donning their ink. Just last year, at the Teen Choice Awards, which as the name implies, has an audience of mostly 11-17 year olds, a Jonas Brother, a heartthrob amongst young girls, was tattooed on stage by none other than celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D. It wasn’t revealed to the viewers at the show or at home that the tattoo was not real. Many parents were again outraged.

While the Jonas Brother tattoo was not real, many teen celebrities do have real tattoos. But not only do they have tattoos, they love to show them off. Of course, the media loves to show and point out celebrity tattoos as well. Justin Bieber, only 16 years old, already has his first tattoo. His family was fully supportive of him getting a tattoo at such a young age. They actually went on to explain the bird tattoo that Justin got was a family tradition. The other family members with the bird tattoo had them inked on their wrists while Justin opted for the lower side of his stomach. Miley Cyrus, 17 years old, already has at least two tattoos. Miley’s family was also completely supportive of her decision to be tattooed before she turned eighteen. Miley was actually with her father who was getting a tattoo when she decided to have “love” tattooed on her ear.

The tattooing of teens is such a large issue that some states have decided to ban tattooing minors under any circumstances. Many states let teens get tattooed with parental consent. However, in Minnesota, starting July 1, 2010, teens will no longer be able to get a tattoo even with parent permission. Minnesota believes that this new law will prevent those teens that feel the need to express them selves through a tattoo without thinking of the later consequences in life that tattoo might bear. Minnesota does not dislike tattoos but the state does believe that a person should be an adult when making the decision to get a tattoo.

Whether influence from a doll, teen celebrity, or another factor, tattoos are on the rise amongst today’s teens. Many teens believe that a tattoo expresses who they are, but they often get tattoos without thinking of the lifelong consequences. Many teens see getting a tattoo as a step in growing up. States like Minnesota agree that tattooing is a decision for an adult to make therefore passing a law stating so. Teens are so easily influenced by their peers and celebrities and the number of teens with tattoos is continuing to increase.

Source by Stacey Goldmeier

Hulk: The End (Incredible Hulk: The End)

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Chronicling the final days of the Green Goliath! Presenting a searing vision of the future in which Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, is the last man on Earth. It’s the Hulk’s final battle, as “The Last Titan” wrestles his inner-demons in order to discover his place in a dying world – if only he can survive! Plus: The testing of the first Gamma Bomb thrust upon Robert Bruce Banner that which he would come to believe would be his greatest nightmare: his unwilling transformation into the Incredible Hulk. He believed wrong. Now, having been dragged into the future – into a post-holocaust, dystopian world – Bruce Banner discovers that his nightmare has a whole new name: the Maestro. This is a nightmare that only Hulk can end. For he knows that he himself is responsible for the presence of the evil Maestro.

The Disadvantages of the Weight Watchers Program

For those are looking to lose weight effectively, the Weight Watchers Program might prove to be the solution that you are looking for. There are plenty of advantages to look forward to when we speak of the Weight Watchers Program, nevertheless this program does come with its own limitations and disadvantages. Let us look at some the drawbacks of the Weight Watcher Program:

1. It may prove to be expensive for some. This program has its registration or signing on fee, as well as a weekly fee that you have to pay every time you attend a meeting. Although you can cancel your membership at any time, this is quite unlikely as this program is quite effective, and you would not want to leave a plan that works. Thus once you sign up, you would definitely be able to lose weight, but the cost may be prohibitive for some. Make sure you can afford the program before you sign up.

2. It works based on a group-atmosphere, which does not suit everyone. Many of us out there prefer working individually and would not feel too comfortable in a group-situation, thus ensure that you can work in this type of an atmosphere before you sign up.

3. Weekly progress checks might prove to be discouraging to some. As weekly weigh-ins is needed, this may prove to be a hassle for those who cannot commit to the weekly meetings. And if you do not reach your intended target every week, you might lose motivation and feel discouraged with your failure to lose the amount of weight that you want to. Most people prefer programs that monitor weight on a monthly basis so that they can see a significant difference compared to the last weigh-in, thus weekly weigh-ins may prove to be a discouragement for some.

4. There is no set diet or nutritional plan on the Weight Watchers Program. IF you signed up hoping that this program would provide you with a complete and structured diet of what to eat and when to eat them, you have been mistaken. This program does not provide you with diet plans, it allows you to choose whatever you feel like eating, only that they make you record what you eat. This feature of being able to choose to eat whatever that you want could prove deadly for some, as you might be tempted to finish all your Points on not-so-healthy food, and this could prove to be unhealthy for you.

Concluding, the Weight Watchers Program does come with its own set of limitations, thus make sure that you understand how this program works completely before you sign up for it.

Click Here to take a quiz to identify your metabolic type.

Source by Ron T Cody

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Following Weight Watchers While Doing P90X or Insanity

Many people who are following Weight Watchers, whether they just began yesterday or have been at it for awhile, wish to incorporate some sort of exercise routine into their weight-loss program. Because P90X and Insanity are so popular-most people have seen the infomercials-it is common to see questions about them on the Weight Watchers boards. Here I will address the most common questions regarding following Weight Watchers while going through the P90X or Insanity programs:

Q: Can I do P90X or Insanity while on Weight Watchers?

A: Of course you can! In fact, it was via the Weight Watchers message boards that I discovered P90X. I’d seen the infomercials, but I was skeptical. Let’s be realistic: many if not most products advertised that way are overpriced garbage. But then I met several folks on the Weight Watchers boards who’d gone through the program with fantastic results. I decided to take a chance and purchase a copy… and I never looked back. I loved my results so much that later on, I decided to try Insanity. I’ve had nothing but positive results in combining these exercise programs with Weight Watchers.

Q: How do I calculate Activity Points (AP’s) for P90X or Insanity workouts? I don’t see them listed in the AP calculator.

A: Here are the methods that have worked well for me. In calculating my AP’s in this manner, I can eat every point coming to me and still lose weight:

P90X Strength Workouts & Ab Ripper: keep track of your total time, then choose “Weight-lifting, universal-type (vigorous effort).” As a side note, this will give you the same number of AP’s as if you used the manual calculator set on “moderate.”

P90X Yoga X and X Stretch: keep track of your total time, then choose “Hatha Yoga.”

P90X Cardio X and Core Synergistics: keep track of your total time, then use the manual calculator set on “moderate.”

P90X Plyometrics and all Insanity workouts: in order to be conservative, I don’t count the entire time as “high” intensity. Let’s be honest: you probably weren’t going full-throttle for every single second of the workout. For these workouts, I keep track of my total time, then count half of it as “moderate” and the other half as “intense,” using the manual calculator.

Q: You said “total” time. Should I be subtracting time for breaks?

A: I don’t worry about subtracting for breaks unless I take a significant break, meaning enough time that my muscles get cold… and you shouldn’t be doing that anyway, because you risk injury if you take too long a break, then jump back in without going through another warm-up.

Q: What about the Nutrition Guide I got with my workout discs? Should I follow that or stick with Weight Watchers?

A: If you read the Nutrition Guide, you’ll notice that a lot of the advice contained within is in sync with the advice in Weight Watchers’ plan materials: eat smaller meals; move toward whole grains, fruits and vegetables; steer clear of nasty junk food; don’t “Exercise for Cookies.” Michi’s Ladder is actually very similar to the old Weight Watchers Core Plan (now called “the Simply Filling technique”). Additionally, the recipes in the Nutrition Guide are low-calorie, and therefore very point-friendly. I use the information in the Nutrition Guide as a supplement to Weight Watchers’ advice.

Q: When is the best time within the Weight Watchers program to start P90X or Insanity?

A: Anytime you want! You can begin on the same day you join Weight Watchers, or you can start months or a year down the road. It’s up to you.

Q: I’m really big, I’ve never exercised in my life, and I don’t know if I’m ready for P90X or Insanity. Are there any Beachbody programs that are more for beginners?

A: Yes, there are. For example, Power 90 (P90) is a very popular program for beginning exercisers who still have a lot of weight to lose, as is 10-Minute Trainer.

Source by Teresa Rothaar