How ‘Half Ton Teen’ Billy Robbins Was Saved by Weight Loss Surgery

You may have heard or read about ‘Billy Robbins’, the teenager who has unfortunately been nick-named ‘half ton teen’ by the mass media, who at just 19 years of age topped the scales at an incredible 800 pounds, making him the world’s heaviest teenager.

His plight has been well documented in a TLC special called, imaginably, ‘half ton teen’. Billy had been told he had literally months to live if his weight wasn’t drastically reduced and the only option for such drastic weight loss was to undergo weight loss surgery.

The most effective and commonly used surgical procedure for the clinically obese is called gastric banding which is when a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band is placed around the top portion of the stomach, this procedure is not usually invasive and can be performed via Laparoscopic surgery or, keyhole surgery as it is more commonly known.

In Billy Robbins case, he was too large initially to receive the life saving operation and had to go onto a strict 1200 calorie diet, which may not seem too extreme to people of normal size and weight but when you have been consuming 8000 calories a day it is a massive reduction.

Eventually, after losing two and a half stone, he had the first of a three step surgical plan, devised by surgeons in Texas, who specialized in this type of procedure. This operation entailed removing a large amount of excess fat from Billy’s stomach, a five stone slab to be exact, that’s 70 pounds!

Then after 3 months of hospital care and continued dieting, during which time his weight had come down a remarkable 280 pounds, he underwent the second phase of his surgery.

This second phase was to implant the gastric band that would limit the amount of food that could be eaten, a month after this he was allowed to go home having lost a further 70 pounds.

The third and final part of this surgery will be to tighten the gastric band to limit further Billy’s food intake and help him lose even more weight. At the airing of this documentary in January 2009, Billy had lost a total of 30 stones, just over half his original starting weight.

Weight loss surgery has saved Billy Robbins from certain early death as it has many, many others but the real issue here is that of a nations diet and eating habits, sure Billy Robbins was something of a victim of circumstance, being pampered by a mother who gave him no direction regarding the correct diet and for whatever reasons she may have had, she was slowly killing the son she loves.

Children need educating about diet and exercise from an early age or they too will become victims of the lazy eating culture and we will see more cases such as Billy’s. Advertisers need to be governed much better as our children are under a constant barrage of one advertisement after another for fat filled, sugar drenched snack foods and drinks that have the health of our children as their lowest priority instead of their highest.

Many of these corporations that prey on our young people have the audacity to blame the victims for lack of self control yet the message they subliminally promote is more is good! We have to take measures, and place the control firmly into our own hands to ensure our children, and ourselves, live happier, healthier and longer lives.

At the last count over two thirds of Americans were overweight and around 15% of those were obese and the figures are expected to reach 75% by the year 2015! This issue has forced our medical insurance costs way up and out the reach of many as weight related illnesses are the number one drain on our medical resources.

It is never too late to take action, losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise will not only help us but our children also.

Source by Daniel Major

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Guidance For Parents With Teen Problems

Adolescence is the time wherein, physical and emotional changes happen rapidly. These changes cause a lot of stress for your kid as well as yourself. Problems often root from stress during this tough time.

This is a time of confusion for your teenager. And this is also a period of distress between parent and teen. You might want to try to understand your teen first. This is a chance to help your child grow into an independent and responsible person.

Common Problems of Teenagers

Even if it’s getting harder everyday for you to recall your own adolescence, you actually were a teen once in your life. And struggling with acne, bad hair days and body image may have been some of your own problems as well. This is no different from what your adolescent is going through. Expect some mood swings to go along with these types of concerns.

Misconceptions about these physical changes might lead your teen to be embarrassed about the changes going on with their bodies. This could make them feel more self-conscious and concerned with their appearance. Teenagers look to establish their personal identities and may begin to realize that they differ from their peers. This realization may result in episodes of distress.

And if all of this wasn’t enough to think about, dealing with drugs and alcohol is another common teenage problem. Teens want to experience things that are new to them. One of the main goals of the teen years is to gain independence. They might associate themselves with these types of addictive substances to rebel against parental control, feel more grown up or even escape from the stress.

Parenting Guidance for Teen Years

A good place to start is to educate yourself and work to better understand your teen. Parents who know more about the struggles of being a teenager in today’s fast paced environment will cope better. And the more you understand them, the better you can prepare. You should be prepared also to face conflicts as teenagers struggle to find their identity.

An open line of communication is best for you and your child. It might work for you to prevent misconceptions and inform them that these changes are normal. Talking to your child early enough gives you a better chance to have open communication later when you will need it the most.

It’s also a good idea to pick your battles wisely, especially when it comes to teenage problems. Your objections are best left to things like smoking, drinking, drugs and changing their appearance permanently. If teens just want to change their hair color, wear outrageous clothing or use bright nail polish, you might think twice before voicing an objection. Discussing these with your kid and not just making demands will in many cases work much better. Help them to understand how others might view them but listen to their own point of view as well.

Start with Trust

Trust is a very important element in a parent-child relationship. When trust is broken, it’s hard to rebuilt it. Let your teen know that you trust him to do the right thing but, if trust is destroyed he will have to deal with the consequences. Eventually, teens grow into mature, independent and responsible individuals. But it’s true that in the mean time, problems along the way aren’t easy to deal with.

Source by Marsha Beslic

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