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the ultimate gift for women Nourish. Indulge. Seduce. Rachelle Parker’s Pure gift-sets provides the most luxurious spa experience. Delight yourself,or your loved ones with the opportunity to freshen up before facing a new day, or enjoy a relaxing evening bath, exfoliate the skin, or gently massaging all while immersed in fresh & delightful fragrances. Infused with irresistible fruit scents reminiscent of bright sunshine and clear blue skies, these gift baskets ensures you get to bring a touch of cleansing, zesty magic to the lucky recipient which is certain to lift their mood and add a bright spark to their day.A RACHELLE PARKER COLLECTION: ZESTY LEMON Gift set includes Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Bath Salt, Sisal Sponge. Handmade with care

32 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Will Wish They Knew Sooner

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Sephora will give you free samples of any product you want to try! All you have to do is ask.

Sephora will give you free samples of any product you want to try! All you have to do is ask.

“I’ve never been told no, and an associate once told me that there’s no limit to how many you can get. I’ve been using my free sample of Urban Decay Primer Potion for months instead of buying it.” —Katherine L. Brown

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Erectile Dysfunction in Teens – How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction Naturally in Teens

Teen age is the prime of youth and it seems unnatural to talk of erectile dysfunction in teens but the facts tell a different story. The usual complaints of erection problems come from men above 60 or from the age groups of 30s and 40s. Boys in their teenage are full of energy and liveliness with a tension free mind but still they complain of weak erections sometimes. Generally there are occasional occurrences of the problem but a permanent impotency can not be ruled out.

Nature of Erectile Dysfunction in Teens

Both physical and psychological reasons contribute to sexual problems in teenage. A blood circulation problem due to diabetes or high blood pressure can cause difficulty in keeping an erection. Psychological issues in teenage are mostly fear related. For example; fear of parent’s reaction, fear of teachers, or there maybe a fear partner’s negative response. Other such problems include diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis or pregnancy issues. Among the psychological problems, guilty feeling can not be overlooked which is common in the tender mind of a teenager.

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Teens

Teenage boys who are not taken care of properly by their parents or guardians are an easy prey to vices like drugs, alcohol, and smoking. These vices have a direct impact on blood circulation in veins and interfere with erection process. Accidental nerve damage or back injury has the same effect. Again there are psychological misconceptions of having a small penis or lack of self confidence during intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction in Teens – How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction Naturally in Teens.

The tenderness of teenage demands constant vigilance and it is the duty of parents to have a friendly relationship with their children. This encourages children to discuss their problems even the sexual issues with their parents. In this way they can be saved from incorrect medication and approaching unwanted elements. Regular exercise and proper food is the best approach to regularize blood flow in the body and has best effects in teenage.

Source by Waseem Dar

3 Ways H Pylori Can Cause Weight Gain

Helicobacter Pylori, or H Pylori for short, is a spiral shaped bacterium that lives in the stomach and small intestine.

Research has clearly shown that because of its shape, H Pylori is able to “drill” into the lining of our stomach and duodenum (small intestine).

Think of the gut lining as a kind of internal “skin”. When H Pylori screws itself into that lining, it causes irritation, swelling and inflammation. It’s a bit like getting tiny thorns stuck in your skin. The irritation and inflammation leads to two relatively common conditions: gastritis and duodenitis.

It is the inflammation and damage to the stomach lining that can trigger chain reactions that lead to weight gain. Here are 3 ways this happens:

H Pylori & Weight Gain Explanation #1.

Whenever there is inflammation in the body, the adrenal glands produce “fire-fighting” hormones. The main hormone is cortisol. We often see high levels of cortisol in people who have H pylori because the inflammation is causing excess cortisol to be released.

When cortisol is high, it can actually lead to the storage of body fat around the tummy and in “spare tyres” around the waist.

Over time, if the inflammation from H Pylori is not resolved, the adrenal glands may become weakened. At this point, they may not be able to produce enough cortisol. In turn this may lead to an inability to burn body fat.

Also, tired adrenal glands result in imbalances in other key hormone systems that regulate the burning of body fat. Lower levels of testosterone in men, for example, are seen with adrenal fatigue and lower levels of progesterone in women.

H Pylori & Weight Gain Explanation #2.

It is known that H Pylori actually causes a reduction in the amount of stomach acid being produced. This is because it damages cells called parietal cells, which produce the acid.

If there is not enough acid, food may not be broken down and absorbed. This causes inefficient metabolism, which can lead to weight gain.

I know of several cases where people took digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid supplements and lost weight very quickly. The weight came back on as soon as they stopped the supplements and then went away again when they resumed.

H Pylori & Weight Gain Explanation #3.

Science is beginning to suggest that H Pylori infection may play a role in thyroid problems. It is believed that antibodies made against H Pylori may also attack the surface of the thyroid gland, thereby causing its function to slow down.

It is well known that the thyroid gland is essential for keeping metabolism optimised. Low thyroid has long been associated with weight gain and the ability to lose weight.

The problems associated with H Pylori seem to increase annually as more and more research is conducted on this unwanted intruder.

If you do have weight management problems, perhaps it would be a good idea to check out how to get tested for H Pylori (along with other digestive infections) as it may be a missing link in the jigsaw puzzle.

Source by Dave Hompes

YONGNUO YN-565EX II TTL Flash Speedlite With High Guide Number For Canon 6D 7D, 70D 60D, 600D, XSi XTi T1i T2i T3

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2 One YN565EX II is able to accept the internal flashing of YN568EX II, 580EX II, SB-900/800/700,7D/60D/600D, C order of N’s internal flashing and wireless signal of ST-E2,supports 4 channels,achieves external TTL and manual flashing.


4 YN565EX II can be triggered by the camera set-top, built-in or master control flashing command, S1 and S2 pre-flashing.


6 The covered focal length can be varied between auto,24~105mm on the lamp adapter by operating the zoom and adjusting button on the flash light; Supports full-frame and half-frame cameras.


8 FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Aperture preview modeling light, Canon camera menu accessible.


Suitable Camera and Flashes in Wireless TTL Slave mode:

Camera: Canon 6D 7D, 70D 60D, 600D

Flash: Canon 580EX II,

Suitable Camera in TTL function:

Canon 5D Mark II,5D Mark III,30D 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 650D 700D 100D 1000D 1100D

Canon Rebel XS XSi XTi T1i T2i T3

Suitable Camera in S1 / S2 mode:

Any DSLR camera with standard hot shoe

Package Content:

1 x YN-565EX II for Canon

1 x Mini stand

1 x Manual in English and Chinese

1 x Protection bag

1 x EACHSHOT® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

manual: YN565EX II is able to accept the internal flashing of YN568EX II, 580EX II, SB-900/800/700,7D/60D/600D, C order of N’s internal flashing and wireless signal of ST-E2,supports 4 channels,achieves external TTL and manual flashing.

Aww, Here Are Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks

♫ Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go ♫

(Please turn up this v iconic Boyz II Men jam while you scroll to make it more dramatic, thx.)

2006: Aw, the first of 904,823,948 all-black coordinating looks. (That’s an exact number.)

2006: Aw, the first of 904,823,948 all-black coordinating looks. (That's an exact number.)

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

2007: Angelina was really feeling her gray ‘n’ gold outfit here.

2007: Angelina was really feeling her gray 'n' gold outfit here.

Hector Mata / AFP / Getty Images

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Effective Weight Lifting Programs for Men

One of the common and popular types of fitness training programs that are proven to be effective in improving the muscles in the body and provide a toned and well-trimmed overall body structure is the weight lifting programs. There are various weight lifting programs that are developed and designed by fitness professionals and trainers to provide men with the well-planned workouts and exercises to ensure maximum effectiveness and good results.

If you want to try weight lifting programs, you can go to gyms for specific programs suitable for the body type you have and your age. You can also consult a fitness professional or trainer to help you develop a specific weight lifting program you can do at home without the necessity of buying bulky and expensive exercises equipments. Simple equipments like barbells and dumbbells, mat and resistance equipments are effective enough to do workouts properly and effectively. Aside from having a more convenient time schedule, it that can be done at home will also save you a lot of money from expensive equipment, gym membership fees, trainer fees and travel expenses.

Weight lifting programs are known to provide a lot of benefits for the individuals doing this type of workouts. This type of workout includes extensive and rigorous training workouts that increase the metabolism of the body and burns a lot of fat therefore improving the cardiovascular system of the body. Through this type of training program, heart problems and diseases can be prevented like heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. Workouts and exercises included not only tones and strengthens body muscles but it also help develop proper body posture and balance therefore preventing bone-related problems like osteoporosis.

There are programs designed to improve a specific part of the body but they can also be integrated together to form an effective and unique training program to develop the entire body.

Everyone have different body structures and needs so to ensure safety and avoid injuries, the best way to do before choosing a program is to consult a professional to help you develop and design a specific weight lifting program that is suitable and appropriate for your capacity and body needs.

Here is a sample weight lifting program I found online that anyone can do at home and uses only simple weight lifting equipment like the dumbbells and are scheduled on weekly intervals.

* Mondays – Dedicated to strengthening and improving muscles in the chest and toning abdomen area. Weight lifting workouts include incline dumbbell presses and incline dumbbell flys for the chest and crunches for the abdomen.

* Wednesdays – Focus on the strengthening and toning of the shoulders and back muscles. Pull-ups and one-arm dumbbell rows for the back muscles and lateral dumbbell raises for the shoulders.

* Fridays – Dedicate this day for improving and strengthening biceps and triceps. For the biceps, standing barbell curls and seated dumbbell curls. For the triceps, overhead triceps extensions.

* Sundays – Dedicated to properly develop and strengthen leg muscles such as squats, leg presses and dumbbell lunges.

Source by Doug M. Patterson

Hulk Mode On T Shirt Funny Comic Book Superhero Switch Tee XXL

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Channel your inner Bruce Banner with this funny hulk mode shirt. Turn on the hulk inside you when you wear this super soft shirt! Careful of the sleeves, they might pop off when you’re changing modes, the hulk is too much to handle. Why Choose a Crazy Dog T-shirt?

We have searched far and wide for the perfect t shirts for our fans and customers! We believe in making a t-shirt you actually want to wear. You’ll notice the quality right when you put it on. All of our tees are screen printed in the U.S. We pride ourselves in high quality and want our t-shirts to be the first out of your drawer every time!

Do you suffer from lack of conversation starters?

Well suffer no more! Our funny tees are the perfect gift ideas whether it’s for a Christmas gift, birthday present or any other occasion that you will get a laugh.

When you receive your item, please take a moment to verify that it was not damaged in transit. If there is any reason that you wouldn’t rate this as a 5-star experience, please let us know right away and we’ll do what we can to make it right. If everything looks fine, we’d appreciate it if you could click the links below and rate this transaction as your feedback helps our family owned business grow.

Some more important facts about Crazy Dog T-shirts.

– Our tees are high quality and slightly fitted so you don’t look like you’ve put a dress on. – Our shirts are professionally screen printed in the United States. It’s made to last! – Our designs are exclusive and only sold by Crazy Dog T-shirts.

Consider buying 2+ tees.

We offer great discounts on our funny shirts. The more you buy, the more you save. Be sure to check out our promotions. If you want a different color or don’t see a size you like please let us know. We may have it available. If you wear one of our tees you are sure to be told over and over you have exquisite taste. Just fair warning that our tees rock!Exclusive Crazy Dog T-shirt branded tee designed and printed in the USA. We use the highest grade plasticol ink and state of the art equipment to ensure vibrant colors and lasting durability. Our unbeatable tees are the perfect gift for any occasion and the prices can’t be beat!

Are Teen Curfews A Good Idea?

Curfew laws typically restrict children to their homes during nighttime hours. Curfews are not just a product of today’s contemporary society. They were put into action in the 1800s; however, most of the cities that had them at that time didn’t have them enforced until the 1990s. Youth curfews, which are commonly employed by cities across the country, are widely used in the USA to keep children off the street at night. A state of curfew makes it illegal to be out of doors between certain times. These curfews were put into place to reduce crime, reduce juvenile victimization, and to increase parental involvement. Teen curfews have caused some debate, so not all cities and counties have adopted and enforced such laws. However, they are a necessary part of discipline and an effective way of keeping teens out of trouble. Nationwide, according to a survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, four out of five member cities had a teen curfew.

In my opinion, teen curfews are a good idea and outlined below are some good reasons.

1 – Teen curfews reduce juvenile crime rates.

Teens hang out in the mall in groups of three or more with no intentions of shopping. They hang out at the movies or downtown, looking for a thrill which is exactly why they need a curfew. For teens, nothing good or productive happens between 10 pm and 6 am. Most teens don’t understand that they don’t need much freedom since they are irresponsible and not an adult yet. Most teens get into trouble if they have too much freedom to do anything they want to do. One of the main reasons why towns should have youth curfew laws is that it reduces the juvenile crime rates at nighttime. A curfew is a simple method to keep teens off the streets and reduce their opportunities to do things against the law.

2 – Teen curfews reduce juvenile victimization.

Curfew hours can keep teens safe in many ways. The reality is that teens are still children and may not make good decisions. Curfews are necessary to help them learn to make responsible decisions. A curfew will protect them from becoming crime victims themselves. For example, curfews keep teens from becoming drug addicts and alcoholics by keeping them away from the night scene that influences that behavior.

3 – Teen curfews increase parental involvement.

Teens are in stage between childhood and adulthood where they struggle to be more independent, yet they need the discipline of their parents. Teens must have a routine in order for proper behavior. For example, they need to have an everyday routine schedule from the time they wake up, throughout the school day, right up to the time they go to bed. When teens have things planned and have commitments they are less likely to get into trouble. Teens should not be allowed to be out past 11:00 p.m. Setting time limits when teens should be home every night is a great way to establish a routine. Allowing a teenager, to stay out past midnight on a school night is not a good way of helping them succeed in their studies during the day. Teens may not like the idea of a curfew in the beginning and they may fight with parents about it. They often feel like parents take away their freedom. The curfews teach them to be responsible and also considerate of other people around them. They will learn, among other things, that others will set the rules for them.

In conclusion, I think teen curfews make plenty of sense. Curfews do not restrict children’s rights to participate in activities; they actually support their right to a safe home and neighborhood environment. Children under 18 should not be roaming the streets in the night. All towns should have teen curfew laws because it reduces nighttime crimes, helps to keep teens safe and helps parents to control their children. That’s why I strongly agree with teen curfew laws being enforced in all states.

Source by Liana Badea

PNY Attaché 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – P-FD32GATT03-GE

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PNY - Make Life Simple
PNY Attache III 32 GB USB Flash Drive in Laptop

The Attaché USB Flash Drives from PNY Technologies are simple and reliable storage solutions for life on the go. Store, transport and share photos, videos, music, documents and more from PC to PC, or connect to your digital picture or printer to view and share your photos. These USB drives work with virtually any computer or electronic device with a USB slot; such as laptops, desktops, tablets, routers & etc.! The portability of a USB flash drive lets you leave your laptop at home, but still take your digital content with you to share with family and friends. Whether you need to transport your latest music downloads, vacation photos and videos, important family events or your school homework; you can rely on the PNY Attaché USB Flash Drives.

Simple Form & High Capacity Storage

With no caps to lose, you’ll love the modern look of the PNY Attaché. Instead of using a traditional cap to cover the USB connector, the drive has a sliding collar that easily glides open and closed. Simply push back the sliding collar and insert the connector into your computer’s USB port to transfer files to and from your computer. The PNY Attaché is sleek and durable; small enough to slip in your pocket, purse, briefcase & etc. From the classroom to the boardroom, it’s a durable and attractive electronic accessory.

It’s lightweight and small in size, but big in capacity. Rest assured all your content will be safely secured on the PNY Attaché flash drive, which offers capacities up to 128GB. The Attaché USB flash drive is perfect for storing large files such as, movies, videos and music. Imagine this: with a 128GB Attaché USB flash drive you could be carrying 45K+* photos in the palm of your hand!

System Requirements

Compatible with Windows (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac (OS X), and Linux systems.

Flash Memory Capacity Chart

What Can I Store? 128GB* 64GB* 32GB* 16GB* 8GB*
32,518 16,529 8,129 4,064 2,371
Video – Hours***
704×460 pixels, 5Mbps, 30fps
289.1 144.5 72.3 36.1 18.1
HD Video – Mins***
Standard HD at 9Mbps
1,754 877 438 219 109
at 5.0MB
23,681 11,840 5,920 2,960 1,480

* Please note: For Flash Media Devices, 1 megabyte = 1 million bytes; 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes. Actual useable capacity may vary.
Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus is not available for data storage.
** Number of photos may vary by camera setting and camera manufacturer.
*** Actual minutes of video may vary by camera setting and camera manufacturer.
**** Actual number of songs may vary based on file format, compression settings, and song length.

The durable, light-weight design of the PNY Attaché USB 2.0 Flash Drive is the ultimate mobile storage solution

Grill Chicken to Perfection With a Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE

Grilled chicken is a favorite among health addicts, weight watchers, athletes who want to increase muscle mass, and many more. It’s a very healthy way to eat chicken. Chicken meat is known for its high protein content and can be eaten by dieters or those who want to pack on a lot of muscle. You can grill different parts of a chicken like the legs, breasts and wings. You can eat it whole, sliced, skewered or filleted. It’s a bit difficult to grill chicken to perfection. This is because the outside can burn easily while the inside is still raw. Here are some important pre-grilling, grilling and post-grilling tips to appreciate the full flavor of grilled chicken. These grilling tips are best appreciated using a Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE type of grill.


1. Keep the chicken cold in the refrigerator and bring it out only if ready to cook. Thaw is first before placing it on top of the grill.

2. Paint or coat the grill rack with oil or use non-stick spray. This will prevent the chicken from sticking to the grill. The chicken skin has natural oils too that can prevent sticking.

3. Keep the grill hot before placing the chicken.

4. Use a wide metal spatula or long-handled tongs to handle the chicken. Don’t use a fork because the juices will flow out. Keep them in there.


1. It’s best to use low to medium heat in grilling the chicken.

2. Distribute the charcoal so there will be even distribution of heat. This is where the use of propane gas grills like Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE is better. The heat is evenly distributed and no messy charcoal.

3. The distance of the grill rack to the burning coal should be between 5 to 10 inches to avoid overcooking the chicken. It’s best not to sear the chicken; this can leave the inside raw.

4. Large chicken meat slices usually take 30 minutes to 1 hour to cook. It cooks less if the chicken is boneless, separated or cut into thin slices.

5. You can use two ways to know if the chicken is cooked. The first way is to get a meat thermometer and check the temperature. For whole chickens, the optimal temperature is 180 – 185 degrees Fahrenheit. For breast parts, a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit is enough. The other way is to cut on one side of the chicken and assess the cut surface. If the pink color is gone, that means it’s already cooked.

6. Don’t forget to turn chicken just once to cook the other side. Keep the lid of your grill closed to seal in the heat and distribute it evenly. It also prevents too much oxygen from getting in and causing flare-ups.


1. Before serving, allow your grilled chicken to cool down for a few minutes. This will help in keeping the juices in.

2. Put the spices or coatings after grilling or when the chicken is almost finished. This is also true for the barbecue sauce. The sugar content of the sauces burn the chicken meat if you put them on the chicken before grilling.

3. Chicken meat is notorious for sticking to a dirty grill. Make sure you clean your grill before the next chicken barbecue. Otherwise, the charred bits of the old chicken will stick to the one you are cooking.

There you have it. Grilling chicken to perfection takes time and practice to master. To cook it thoroughly and evenly, make sure you have the right grill.

Source by Eugene R Lopez