You Posted What!?: How to Help Your Teen Use Social Media to Gain an Advantage for College and Future Employment

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Revised and Updated Edition of You Posted What!? New Information and Edits!
Is Your Teen Ready for College? Does Your Teen Possess the Digital Skills Required by Employers?

Today, digital-savvy teens understand the power of social media and the Internet. Teens are launching businesses to pay for school, creating personal brands to attract colleges, and building memorable, digital profilesinstead of paper-based resumes.

Our social media profiles can be a powerful marketing tool when used wisely. Colleges and employers search Internet postings and social media profiles to find talented students and to weed out students who could present a potential liability.

Readers learn how to build influential digital profiles by adding educational badges and using search engine optimization strategies to increase college discoverability.

You and your teen will gain insight into how colleges are using Big Data to review student applications and in some cases determine which students receive scholarships.

From the book, your teen will discover how digital career services can help them explore career options based on their talents, strengths, and skills. Teens also learn what colleges are looking for in the student application. Plus, learn more about how employers are using real-time gaming software to verify skills instead of relying on college diplomas.

The book’s Resource Section is a treasure chest full of online resources to help you and your teen.

You Posted What!? is an Essential Guide for Helping Teens Use Social Media to Their Advantage for College and Future Employment.
You Posted What How to Help Your Teen Use Social Media to Gain an Advantage for College and Future Employment

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