Backpack Water Gun for Kids Adults, Spider Squirt Gun, 1.3L …

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Product Description




♥ MATERIAL & SIZE DETAILS: The superhero squirt gun is made of durable ABS material, with a smooth surface for safety and durability. The backpack has a 1.3L water capacity and stands approximately 10.24 inches high. The squirt gun measures 8.46 inches by 4.92 inches and features a retractable handle with a maximum length of 10.04 inches.
♥ ADJUSTABLE BACKPACK STRAP: This backpack water gun is portable and lightweight, with adjustable backpack and shoulder straps to fit different sizes. The maximum length is 31 inches (80cm), suitable for most children. If you are a taller child, please measure your backpack before purchasing.
♥ CUTE SPIDER PATTERN: The squirt gun features adorable spider patterns and bright colors that children will love. Simply pump to shoot after filling it with clean water, with a shooting range of up to 7.5 meters (25 feet).
♥ LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: The backpack water gun is closely connected to the water outlet to prevent leaks. Note: It is recommended not to fill the water gun beyond 80% of its capacity.
♥ SUMMER WATER TOYS: This delightful and entertaining backpack water gun brings out the childlike innocence in everyone. Children can enjoy playing with water guns with their friends and parents, creating cherished memories and enjoying the cool summer days. Suitable for summer water fights, family outings, backyard activities, swimming pool parties, and beach fun.

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