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Taken from NDTV news outlet who reported this: A young man's attempt to outsmart officials by impersonating his girlfriend ended up being a comedic spectacle at an examination centre in Punjab's Faridkot.

Angrez Singh from Fazilka decided to write the exam by donning the guise of his girlfriend, Paramjit Kaur. Decked out in red bangles, a bindi, lipstick, and a ladies' suit, Angrez Singh was ready. However, the stage was set for Punjab's most unexpected comedy act as university officials quickly caught wind of the charade and filed a complaint with the police.

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44 thoughts on “Crazy News, Funny Memes – India is not for beginners!”
  1. More info: In the picture both are him. He faked an ID card. He was caught only because there was a biometric (fingerprint) scanner in the exam hall, which didn’t match his girlfriend’s in the government database.

    1. jolly Canadian says:

      Not a very smart dude.. is he? and he thought he would pass the exam ..

  2. I am not surprised at all… this shit happens even in corporate interviews.

    We often interview offshore folks via Zoom vs the contracting group flying them over and it’s not a rarity for them to share their webcam of themselves but use tools to remotely provide access to a keyboard / mouse for a peer to go through technical portions of the interview.

    It got so bad we had to start requiring that the consulting group literally create a space for folks to come in and do the interview in a clean-room environment.

    1. jolly Canadian says:

      Looks like a woman? Really !? What are you comparing him with

  3. India is not for beginners! …… no shit they believe in reincarnation everyone of them motherfuckers are on their like 150th speed run… fuck are you talking about

  4. The photo on the left reminds of he slimy character from the hobbit movies; Alfrid – especially when they’re on the shore after Smaug burns the village and he’s dressed in drag

  5. Lol! His first name “Angrez” literally means “British!” The hillbilly level of parents should be pretty high!

  6. I did an engineering PhD and loved my Indian colleagues. Very happy people. Veeeery resourceful too copying each others problem sets. The only student I had openly cheat in an exam on me was a middle eastern guy.

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